Thursday, February 23, 2012

CEO LEAD Launches New Program and New Blog!

Hi Everyone:

Welcome to the first Blog post for Drexel University’s CEO LEAD Program.  There are a few changes taking place to the program this year, that will be launching in the Spring of 2012 (this year!).  To gain a better understanding of the changes taking place, we will look at the past requirements of the CEO Program and compare it to the new model. 

The CEO Program at Drexel was formed in the 1998-1999 academic year by the Office of Student Activities.  Initially, the program was designed to teach students’ skills that would help in the management of their student organizations.  As the program developed, workshops were offered to meet the needs of all students seeking leadership growth and development, and the number of certificates that could be earned went from 2, in 1998-1999, to 15 in 2010-2011.   Students earning certification also grew from two dozen in 1998-199, to 200+ in 2010-2011.

Through CEO LEAD’s new Leadership Certificate Program (LCP), students are welcome to attend a plethora of workshops throughout the year.  Sessions are organized into three separate tracks based on the Social Change Model:

1)      Personal & Professional Development
2)      Group & Team Dynamics, and
3)      Community Engagement & Responsibility.

Students receive credit for attending workshops and can apply these credits toward earning any one of our four leadership certificates by completing the minimum requirements.  To earn certification in a specific track (as listed above), students must attend 6 workshops in that specific category.  The workshops will be denoted on the calendar under a specific track.  Students may also earn a Holistic Leadership Certificate by attending any 6 workshops across all disciplines.  For students seeking to hone skills in a particular interest, the program also offers specializations in 8 areas.  To earn specialization, students must complete the requirements of a certificate track, as well as attend 3 workshops coded in that specialization discipline.  The LCP offers flexibility and creativity to learn, while exposing students to a variety of leadership topics that align with the Social Change Model and vision of CEO LEAD.

CEO LEAD will also offer The Leadership Academy (TLA).  TLA offers a structured, tiered classroom curriculum and shared-experience.  Through TLA, students can enroll in CEO LEAD 101, CEO LEAD 201, and CEO LEAD 301.  CEO LEAD 101, designed for novice leaders, facilitates personal and professional development through self-assessments, values clarification, goal identification, and topical classroom workshops.  Upon completion of 101, CEO LEAD 201 trains students in group formation, team roles, and conflict management.  The experiences gained in courses 101 and 201 set the stage for CEO LEAD 301, a program that strengthens leaders’ responsibilities to community through timely discussions, mentorship and role modeling opportunities, and peer education, while enhancing and embracing community engagement and responsibility.  As a capstone project, CEO LEAD 301 participants will create and implement a group service project.  TLA courses will be offered twice per year to accommodate students enrolled in a co-op track program.  CEO LEAD 101 will launch in Spring 2012.

To find out more about the specific TLA courses for CEO LEAD 101, 201 and 301 go to:

For a listing of upcoming workshops, visit

We hope this helps and look forward to seeing you at future leadership opportunities!

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